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Google top rankings alone can make your business grow by 5-10X times. We are a San Jose based search engine optimization firm,which has produced 100+ of page 1 results for wide array of clients.We produce top notch results working within latest search engine guidelines. Call 844-279-8119 to schedule free consultation with award winning SEO experts.

We handle customer's PPC accounts to build high ROI funnel which builds most reliable source of traffic in long term. Apart from Google PPC,we also deal with other media buying strategies

We produce websites which turn visitors to customers. We have award winning web designers who create high converting search engine friendly design. We have combined experience of more than 20 years in creating modern state of art mobile friendly websites.

Depending on your target customers ,social media can be a great way to drive traffic and build solid sales funnel. We handle Facebook,Instagram and Twitter to drive targeted customers and brand visibility as well.
Why Choose Us? Established track record of delivering 100s of page 1 results. 100% Money back guarantee. Transparency in dealings.We deliver what we promise. ROI in SEO is very different from traditional paid traffic,in which you can easily track the kind of return at the end of each month. We at San Jose SEO Company do not sweet talk to grab your money for first few months (by promising moon) but we really look for clients where we believe we can help you dominate your local area. Call us today 844-279-8119 to schedule a free expert consultation.

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Years of experience in ranking websites.

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Well this is another dead give away. But,it takes years to grow such relationship and it serves our customers well to get exposure,traffic and links.


We let you know what exactly we are doing and when to expect what. No baiting!

We both work and talk like your partners for success in your business.