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Hiring a writer for your SEO campaign- Part 2
January 13, 2016

Hiring a SEO writer for your campaign- Part 1

This is a series instructions you should pass to the writer your hire for your SEO requirements

Module 1: How to use the Keywords assigned by client

Welcome to the first module.

In this module we will try to understand the fundamental concepts of

writing for SEO and we will also touch up on how to improve the efficacy of your article.

Before we move on to how to write articles for SEO, it is important to understand the objective of an SEO

article. Articles written for SEO are meant to be posted on various domains or websites to improve

the ranking of client’s website. Every SEO article will have one or more key words that are

hyperlinked to the client’s website. The domain on which the article has been posted has very high

reputation and hence hyperlink from that domain to the client’s website helps in improving the

ranking of the client’s website. This was just the surface of the technical stuff that is required to do

SEO but as an article writer you are not required to know beyond this level. For you it is more

important to understand the technique of writing effective articles and how to dress your articles to

meet the SEO requirements.

SEO writing is a bit different form other forms of writing in terms that the subject of the article is

usually not provided by the client. The client will only give you the keywords which are required to

be included in the article. A keyword can be anything- Bakery in New Your City, Manhattan Finance

Company, Online Beauty Course, etc. are all examples of key words. A key word can be a single word

(e.g. jewellery), a phrase (e.g. Recreational Vehicle Storage) or even a whole sentence. Sometimes

key words may not make grammatical sense and hence it is important for an article writer to have

the skill of using key words effectively even if they do not make complete sense.

Keywords are usually the words that an internet user types to search anything on the google search

engine, hence it will be always meaningful but not always grammatically correct. Sometimes the key

words have direct reference to client’s name (e.g. Staton Island Web Design Company). In such cases

you can use the client’s websites name in your article but in the cases where key words are neutral,

which means it does not mentions the client’s name, you strictly must not use client’s websites

name or client’s company’s name. Your key responsibility in writing an SEO article is to build the

subject matter around the key words such that the key words perfectly gel into the article. We will

talk more about subject matter and content of the article in next module.

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