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Hiring a SEO writer for your campaign- Part 1
January 13, 2016
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January 13, 2016

Hiring a writer for your SEO campaign- Part 2

Module 2: How to write SEO Content (this is case specific ie depends on client to client)

In the last module we discussed about the keyword and how to make use of it in the article. In the

second module we will talk about content development. The body of the article is referred to as the

content and is an important deliverable for any SEO article writer. As we stated in module 1, the

subject matter of SEO articles is very rarely given by the client. Most of the time it is expected of the

writer to develop content in such a way that he or she can use the keyword seamlessly. As we had

discussed in the previous module, a keyword can be anything from a single word to a full sentence,

but it will be sufficiently clear in its meaning. It is the job of the article writer to build content around

the keyword.

Suppose the keyword for an article is fire alarm. Fire alarm is a generic keyword which means that it

does not specifically points to the client’s company or website. In such situations you will have to

avoid using client’s website or name in the entire article. There are many ways in which you can do

it. One way is that you can write an article on the essential safety devices that every house must

have. In that article you can write about fire alarm, electronic lock, smart safety systems, etc. By

writing in such way you will be able to use the key word fire alarm. Similarly you can think about

writing on five key attributes to consider while buying a fire alarm or an article on the frequently

asked questions on fire alarms. Whatever way you choose to write will need you to do some

research on the subject matter of key word.

It is not only important to do research but it is also equally important to do it in a smart way so that

you are able to save your time in doing it. In most of the cases the client’s website itself will give you

sufficient information on the subject matter to write 400 hundred words on it. In other cases a

simple google search can fulfil your purpose. A smart way of doing google search is to search articles

on google using the heading of your article. Another way of doing it is to search the infographic first

and the base your article on the information provided by the infographic.

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