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January 13, 2016
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January 13, 2016

Hiring a writer for your SEO campaign- Part 3

Module 3: Writing SEO Content

In the last module we discussed the smart ways of writing content for generic keywords. In certain

cases, the keyword itself contains the name of the client’s company or website. In such cases you

can freely mention client’s website or name or both in your article. While writing articles for SEO,

you must at all times bear the rules of the game very firmly in your mind.

The first and most important rule for SEO writing is that you must deliver original content. It is

absolutely necessary that whatever content you deliver in your article must not be present on the

internet in any form. There are many soft wares which can catch plagiarism with almost 100%

accuracy and hence there is very little chance that you will go unscathed if you deliver a copied

content. Delivering copied content can break your career as SEO writer in the first attempt itself

because plagiarism is something that is taken very very seriously in SEO circles. The best way to

avoid inadvertent plagiarism is that after reading a reference material on the internet as a part of

your research about the subject matter of the article, you close all the web browsers and other

windows in which reference material is open.

Start writing article only once you have closed all the

reference and research material and do not read any material from the internet while writing the

article. This simple precaution will ensure that your articles pass all the plagiarism checks.

The second rule about SEO article writing is that your article should be contextual. Though your

client does not indicate the subject matter of the article but still your article has to be related to

your client’s business. For example if your client is in car glass repair business and the keyword is

glass, then you cannot write article on the glass that is used in real estate construction. Though you

can write an article in which you discuss various types of glasses including automobile glasses also.

The third rule of content writing is that you must use the key words very swiftly. It should not appear

on reading that you have force fitted the key word. The article should use the key word so swiftly

that no body reading the article should be able to notice the keyword.

Apart from the rules, there are also some hygiene factors associated with SEO article writing. Firstly

you must give a catchy headline to your article and secondly you must insert a relevant infographic

or an image in your article. You are free to use the images and infographics from google search.

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