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Hiring a writer for your SEO campaign- Part 3
January 13, 2016

Hiring a writer for your SEO campaign- Part 4

Module 4: Checklist for SEO article

We have already discussed basic of SEO article writing in previous modules. In this module we will be

discussing some of the hygiene things that you must take care of while delivering an article.

 Every SEO article will be required to include in its body a link to client’s web page. The link to

client’s web page can be in any form such as a link to website or link to any other social

media pages such as yelp, Facebook, twitter, etc.

 Infographic is an important part of SEO article and almost all clients will insist on including

either infographic or a high quality image. For this purpose you don’t need to create an

infographic. You can simply search the infographic on the internet and include it in your

article. If you are not able to find an infographic then include an image. The only thing that

you need to take care of while using an infographic or image is that it should be contextual,

which means that your infographic or image should be related to the content of the article.

You can also use the infographic to your advantage. A common way of doing it is to search

an infographic which is relevant to the keyword first and then use its information as the base

of your article. This will save your time on doing research.

 Using a link to a popular website such as Wikipedia, CNN, or any other reputable agency’s in

your article can tremendously increase the efficacy of your article. News websites are

especially respected for this purpose. However, you should bear in mind that the news piece

that you are linking to your article should be absolutely relevant to article.

 Adding a catchy heading to your article is a part of your job as an article writer.

 We have already sufficiently emphasized that plagiarism is a strict no in the business of SEO.

You must avoid copied content at all cost.

 Writing SEO articles will only be rewarding to you if you can write fast because your billing

will be directly linked to it, hence it is important for any article writer to develop a number of

frameworks for article writing. Frequently Asked Question on XYZ, Five important things

about XYZ, How to choose XYZ (XYZ is a subject which is related to the key word) are some of

the frameworks that are popularly used. You can think of many more. A typical 400 hundred

words article along with Heading and infographic should take about 25 minutes.

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