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Well,if you want to learn more if SEO is suitable for your business model and kind of ROI you can expect,let me tell you tell this upfront.

ROI in SEO is very different from traditional ones where you can easily track the kind of return you get in your SEO spending. That is because,in SEO,you do not necessarily see visible results in matter of days/weeks;it is typically in months to years. Yes,there are some low hanging fruits for example,low competition keywords,ranking youtube video etc. But,here we only scratch the surface of true potential organic rankings.

TLDR If you are in any old established niche (you are most likely to face a lot of competition); do not expect overnight results! It takes time and money to beat others and dominate the industry. Do NOT jump to SEO game without knowing the risk/reward benefit.

We at San Jose SEO Company do not sweet talk to grab your money for first few months (by promising moon) but we really look for clients where we believe we can help you dominate your local area.

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